January 17, 2013
Dear Neighbors,
I wish you all a happy new year and hope you are looking forward to getting the 2013 Legislative Session started as much as I am. As you may know, this past year the legislative districts were redrawn, as they are every ten years. I am humbled to have been elected to represent the citizens in District 20, as well as to have been reelected by my colleagues as Assistant Majority Leader of the Idaho State Senate. I consider it a great privilege to serve my fellow Idahoans in District 20 and to serve my colleagues in the Senate in a leadership capacity. During this legislative session, many issues are expected to be brought before the Legislature for review. Governor Otter outlined many of those issues in his State of the State Address on January 7thsuch as
* The Health Insurance Exchange

* The repeal of the personal property tax

* Increased funding for education

* Continued creation of jobs in Idaho
I look forward to the coming discussion on these issues and many others as we begin to wade deeper into the legislative session and more bills are printed. I also hope that, as citizens of the Great State of Idaho, you will remember that your legislators need to hear from those they represent. Your input helps legislators do their job better. Since much of the debate for legislation takes place in committees, please make me aware of concerns you have for legislation which is heard in the Senate Transportation and Senate State Affairs Committee since those are the committees on which I sit. That being said, I welcome comments and concerns on all legislation that goes through the Senate. In addition to the exciting issues and events that will take place at the legislature this year, I am also looking forward to celebrating Idaho’s 150th anniversary of Idaho becoming a US Territory on March 4th. The Idaho State Historical Society has organized many events to help Idaho celebrate the great state in which we live. I hope you will have an opportunity to participate in some of those celebratory activities. You can learn more about those activities at history.idaho.gov/idaho-150. I want to thank all of you who receive this newsletter and use it to stay up-to-date on the issues that Idaho is facing. As always, if you would no longer like to receive my newsletter, please e-mail myself or my assistant at LKukla@Senate.Idaho.Gov<mailto:LKukla@Senate.Idaho.Gov> and she will take you off the mailing list. Again, I hope you will feel free to contact me with any ideas or concerns for legislation being reviewed by the legislature. You can reach me by calling my office, 208-332-1307, by e-mailing me at CWinder@Senate.Idaho.Gov<mailto:CWinder@Senate.Idaho.Gov..>, or by visiting my website www.ChuckWinder.com<www.ChuckWinder.com>. Sincerely,
Senator Chuck Winder
Assistant Majority Leader
Idaho State Senate